Year: 2020

Supplies in the Wild

Finding, or should I say hunting, for supplies has always been a challenge. One of the coolest things over the past decade has been the meteoric rise of the cosplay community. It has unknowingly made puppet supplies so much easier to obtain. Not to mention a lot of new materials now at our disposal. 3D […]Read More

The puppets are returning…

I’ve said this before. In fact… after stopping most of my puppetry work in 2012-2013 after having my daughter I have said this every couple of years since. First, I decided to make a “Puppet-centric Dad Blog” without realizing the 1 small factor that I really hate the idea of being genre-trapped and my brain […]Read More


It all began around 2004-2005, give or take a few months. Honestly I never put a pin down on the exact date. In the middle of the night surfing the internet like we all did back then I stumbled down to a site called Puppets and Stuff. I don’t remember why or how, it just […]Read More