4 Foam Fingers – An Interview with a Puppet Builder

I’m working on a new series of interviews here at FleeceHEAD. The idea is pretty simple to start. Asking 4 basic questions to all of the puppet builders, performers, and creators out there in cyberspace that want to participate. I can’t expect everyone to reply and surely my emails will hit the Trash Bin along the way. But there are enough people out there interested in telling their puppet journey that I think this will be a fun adventure for all of us.

I’m calling the series 4 Foam Fingers.

Any of you foam and fleece loving pals out there know that it’s relatable to the average number of fingers a puppet generally has. It also keeps it short and allows the interviewee to expand in their own creative direction.

This is not only reserved just for the big names in the industry. My goal is to use this series to help inspire others searching the web for the basics. One of the things I never found myself when looking online years ago when first going down the puppetry road was the emotional side of the craft. Sure, there was plenty of “glue A to B and voila you have a round head” tutorials out there. I will never post that kind of content to FleeceHEAD because so many already do a fantastic job at that. 4 Foam Fingers is more of a Q&A format with people in the industry.



That story behind the foam door is what I’m looking for here. If you’re reading this after getting my email checking the website out, help me inspire someone and join us for 4 Foam Fingers.

If you WANT to be interviewed you can email me steve [at] fleecehead.com or through social media to start the conversation.

**UPDATE** Amazing responses so far. We have already quite a few fantastic people both well known and new to the puppetry scene participating in 4 Foam Fingers. I’ll wait to give a list / schedule until we’re a little further along in the series development but this is an awesome way to start! 4 Foam Fingers is taking shape, literally!

**UPDATE April 2018** We have have some awesome people in the past few years do the interview and be featured on the site. Granted it’s been slow at times due to my own work/life constraints. I’m reopening submissions and look forward to a 2018 with fur, foam, and fleece flying! The 3 F’s of Puppetry!

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  • Great list of people so far that will be participating. Very excited to see who else joins the fray. 2+ months of content locked and loaded so far and it’s chock filled with killer thoughts and ideas behind the scenes and process.

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