4 Foam Fingers – First Group of Posts Releasing this Week!

My move has consumed way more time and energy than one would have ever expected so I sat on this a little longer than I probably wanted too or anticipated.

That being said, the first 5 editions of 4 Foam Fingers are set to release every week starting TOMORROW with GoDaddy Superbowl Commercial winner Puppets By Gwen. She’s a cool person (fellow NY’er so I’m partial #NYstrong) with an interesting take and story that can’t be duplicated. Not often you get a chance to make it to the SUPERBOWL right? Something everyone creating characters dreams of, that massive audience.

Our current schedule of 4 Foam Fingers Q&A’s to release are:

Gwen Dean – Puppets by Gwen

Fred Chong Rutherford – The Help Machine

Richard Mansfield – Mansfield Dark

Catherine Hicks РPuppet Builder and Pixar Artist

Michael Rogers – UConn Puppetry Student and Artist

So it’s a pretty exciting first group to release. Like I mentioned I’m still playing catchup and we have some awesome people in the pipeline I just need to get my side together on like Zach @ Furry Puppet Studios and more!

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