I LOVE to create things. The #1 goal in my life is to create things visually, through words, sounds, or a combination of them all. While most of us start with the ‘day job’ story, and I’m no different, my eye has always been on the ultimate goal of finding time to create.

The majority of my career has been spent helping companies and their CEOs build upon or create their strategic marketing and service offerings to help build a narrative for the customers journey. As the Mad Scientist of Marketing one could say I enjoy helping companies’ level up. Looking back at things all these years later, I’m basically the DM (Dungeon Master for those who don’t know and shame on you!) for business owners. Taking them on the journey where the story is their business; where it has been and where it will go.

Currently I’m working with the largest Trust Based Selling coaching program in Australia, Unlock The Game. A talented group of people and I enjoy the time spent with my clients and the organization. We have just released our newest product, a digital community called The Mindset Club which has been a passion of mine bringing our decades of experience to people in a digital, community-driven environment. Just a few months in and the reaction so far has been overwhelmingly positive.

Steve Lichtman ZZTop With Family

But what about the rest? I’m a husband and father, artist, puppet master, writer, crafter, unabashed metalhead, and all-around eccentric being. If you know me, I don’t have to tell you that, the experience has already been yours to have 🙂

I was born in the early 70s in Orlando Florida but have spent most of my life on Long Island, NY. It was an amazing place to grow up in the 70s and 80s and today has that same magic for my kid.

Long Island, and LIFE on Long Island has changed over the years like anywhere else. Thankfully, it is mostly for the better and I can’t see myself really living anywhere else at this time. Embracing the change around you and our differences is what makes everyone unique. Be unique! Be you!

4 Foam Fingers

My world of Puppetry

15+ years ago I began dabbling in the art of puppetry. I have never stopped. For me, it’s one of those activities that can instill limitless creativity if you are willing to reach out and grab it. Most recently I have been working on a few 2D puppetry projects with my daughter. We’re also building a crafting site that encompasses all of our artistic outlets including 3D Printing, puppetry, miniatures, and more. Details soon I promise 🙂

The coolest part nowadays with my art projects is working with my kid. She’s in school and that takes priority so our timeline is officially, “Whenever!” 2040 for all I care, it’s the time with her that is what makes continuing all of our mini side projects worthwhile.

Puppetry in general is a fantastic outlet, and you can see here on the site I have a series of articles I did a bunch of years ago interviewing some of the biggest players in the game. It’s called 4 Foam Fingers and you can click the link to check it out.

I’m no longer taking commissioned work but who knows. I could get pulled back in!

Any final words Steve, anything good?

We all have our hobbies and interests, right? Mine include listening to tons of rock and roll, going to concerts, learning about 3D printing with the kid, and painting for tabletop games.