Steve Lichtman is the CEO of Rokstar LABS™ where he has spent his career helping consultants, entrepreneurs, and business owners smash their marketing roadblocks and identify their voice.

The majority of my career has been spent helping companies and their CEOs build upon or create their strategic marketing and service offerings. Cutting my teeth with a C-suite telemarketing company OMAIUSA for many years in the IBM PartnerWorld network helping companies succeed. My eccentric delivery style and willingness to find that one gap in the marketplace where you will undoubtedly shine has been a resounding strength over the years.

Being the secret weapon in your business is what I pride myself as. An ally you can rely on for an honest, no-BS opinion and back it up with meaningful strategies that will fit your timeline and budget.. all while keeping the integrity of your brand and legacy in-tact.

Energy For Positive Change

As an eternal optimist one of my beliefs is that anything is possible if you put in the work and care about your outcomes.

But what about the rest? I’m a husband and father, artist and sometimes bad musician, writer, unabashed metalhead, maker, and all-around creative force of energy and positivity. If you know me, I don’t have to tell you that, the experience has already been yours to have.
I was born in the early 70s in Orlando Florida but have spent most of my life on Long Island, New York. It was an amazing place to grow up in the 70s and 80s and today has that same magic for my own kid.
Long Island, and LIFE on Long Island has changed over the years like anywhere else. Thankfully, it is mostly for the better and I can’t see myself really living anywhere but here at this time. Embracing the change around you and our differences as people is what makes everyone unique.
Be unique! Be you! Never stop rokin’
Steve Lichtman ZZTop With Family
ZZ Tops 50th Anniversary Tour with the family
Energy For Positive Change

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