Unlimited Books

In honor of National Read Across America Day I thought I would tell you a little story. Click on the link above to check out the NEA (National Education Association) website for more details and suggested readings. The ‘Unlimited Books’ Rule I’m certainly not the ‘rules guy’ in the house, or in life. But even […]Read More

How To Connect On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the predominant space for people in business to connect and network. You can talk about Facebook, Twitter, or new social networks like Clubhouse but at the end of the day none of them do business like LinkedIn does. They’re the kings of the castle. Sadly, people STILL have no idea how to connect […]Read More

6 Powerful Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

You Need More Website Traffic: In the movie Field of Dreams, an ethereal voice tells Kevin Costner that if he builds a baseball field, people will come to it. “If you build it… they will come.” Unfortunately, the same is not true of your website. Just because you built it doesn’t mean people will come. […]Read More

Social Media Post Ideas For Business Growth

We all get stuck sometimes. Knowing we need to stay in the public eye on social media but lacking post ideas to get ourselves moving forward in creating content. (** Note: If you have not cleaned up your social media profiles read this article and do that first **) Sometimes, you already have content ready […]Read More

LinkedIn InMail – What NOT To Do!

/rant on Let me paint a picture for you real quick. My LinkedIn InMail like many of you has good and bad days. Recently it was a total mess. 3 in a row, within a few hours of people wanting to connect. They all seemed ok, different lines of work but APPEARED to be people who […]Read More

Social Media Profile Checklist

Are your social media profiles hitting all the marks? Do you feel like maybe you are leaving too much social opportunity on the table? Not sure where or why you are losing ground to your competitors online? Follow these steps to set up your social media profiles in a professional manner and maximize your impact […]Read More

Supplies in the Wild

Finding, or should I say hunting, for supplies has always been a challenge. One of the coolest things over the past decade has been the meteoric rise of the cosplay community. It has unknowingly made puppet supplies so much easier to obtain. Not to mention a lot of new materials now at our disposal. 3D […]Read More

The puppets are returning…

I’ve said this before. In fact… after stopping most of my puppetry work in 2012-2013 after having my daughter I have said this every couple of years since. First, I decided to make a “Puppet-centric Dad Blog” without realizing the 1 small factor that I really hate the idea of being genre-trapped and my brain […]Read More


It all began around 2004-2005, give or take a few months. Honestly I never put a pin down on the exact date. In the middle of the night surfing the internet like we all did back then I stumbled down to a site called Puppets and Stuff. I don’t remember why or how, it just […]Read More