4 Foam Fingers – First Group of Posts Releasing this

My move has consumed way more time and energy than one would have ever expected so I sat on this a little longer than I probably wanted too or anticipated. That being said, the first 5 editions of 4 Foam Fingers are set to release every week starting TOMORROW with GoDaddy Superbowl Commercial winner Puppets […]Read More

4 Foam Fingers – An Interview with a Puppet Builder

I’m working on a new series of interviews here called 4 Foam Fingers. The idea is pretty simple to start. Asking 4 basic questions to all of the puppet builders, performers, and creators out there in cyberspace that want to participate. I can’t expect everyone to reply and surely my emails will hit the Trash Bin […]Read More

Random thoughts working on Designer Genes

Everything I don’t know about Gaming is what makes it fun. That’s my approach with Designer Genes and really in many ways my approach in life. If I don’t know about something, I would much rather experience it firsthand on my own opposed to reading about it on the ‘net or having someone tell me […]Read More

Designer Genes making solid progress

I’ve been quiet lately about my progress with Designer Genes mainly because I’ve been working on a lot of things at the same time and there just are not enough hours in the day to get everything sorted out and posted before I’m off to the next task or mission. But here is a brief […]Read More

Designer Genes Character Data – A method to the madness

I’ve been spending a lot of time digging into Designer Genes and the building blocks that makes the game tick. Basically, the Case Studies of the original version are becoming Character/Creature/Test Subject/whatever cards. I have not produced working names for the various card types I need to do a little more research to make sure […]Read More

Designer Genes: Changes, changes, changes..

WOW. This so far has been not only a lot of fun working on and figuring things out, but I’m keeping a lot more than expected from the original idea of Designer Genes the Game and what it is morphing into. The amount of work to be done really is beyond one persons abilities, especially […]Read More

Designer Genes: Changing the game concept

Here I am, sitting with Designer Genes, a game dated 1984 (a great year for Van Halen) and imagining how at that time the gameplay must have unfolded. A table with presumably 4 yuppies sitting around shucking and jiving, rolling the dice and moving around the simplistic board design like the other 200-300 board games […]Read More

Designer Genes : The Game – History from 1984 and

Here is Designer Genes: The Game in it’s original inception circa 1984. My Dad originally created this almost 30 years ago and you know what? Even though the game never made it out of his house, the concept and idea are still all here. It has proven over the past 30 years that genetics, DNA, […]Read More

Designer Genes – The Game

20+ years ago my Dad designed a board game. Technology being what it was back then made it a task that eventually he lost interest in. Starting his own business I’m sure played a part but recently we FOUND the original game in the garage while cleaning things out. One of my goals is to […]Read More