If You're A Business Owner Struggling With Marketing, And Unable To Find Your Direction... We Need To Talk.

If either situation below resonates at all with you, let’s talk soon. A second opinion can go a long way to identifying any underlying issues.

Situation #1

You love your business. So much so that you have taken on every single aspect of running it. The daily to-do list spans from client management, accounting, minimal marketing, etc… Work-a-holic is a word you hear often, and you can’t break the cycle.

Most days it feels like you are starting and ending your day at EXACTLY the same place. Zero progress.


Situation #2

You run your business from the top. Solid clients, a decent referral network… and a lot of mouths to feed. You recognize marketing has been on the back-burner for too long and want to get ahead of it now before it leaves you falling too far behind the competition.

Most days it feels like you are in control of your business, but recognize things are getting stagnant.

The no-BS answer is that you need help. The question is, are you ready to make a change?

Steve Lichtman Formula

Are We A Fit For Each Other?

I need you to understand something coming into our strategy call. I’m not running an agency. Been there, done that. If in your mind the solution is to throw money at a service because “this is what they do” we’re not going to work well together.

That’s perfectly ok. This process isn’t for everyone.

But… If you’re the type of business owner that believes in accountability, can relax on a call and recognize we suffer a little pain from the past to rebuild for a better and brighter future, we’re going to work amazing together.

Maybe I’m the one to blame. I’m honest to a fault.

When I’m working with clients it’s 100% about YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.


Deep Dive

Step 1: We dive in deep together to learn about your business, what you have been doing so far, where you may be struggling, and what your goals are.

Smash Roadblocks

Step 3: We smash through everything that is holding your business back. Together. Then we will put strategies and a process in place for the future.

Treasure Hunting

Step 2: Guaranteed you have some amazing parts of your business that just need to be better realized. We mine for the gems to keep your identity.

A Targeted Future

Step 4: You have your marketing and strategic direction back under your control, where it should have been all along. Your business growth resumes.

Energy For Positive Change

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