Designer Genes: Changes, changes, changes..

WOW. This so far has been not only a lot of fun working on and figuring things out, but I’m keeping a lot more than expected from the original idea of Designer Genes the Game and what it is morphing into. The amount of work to be done really is beyond one persons abilities, especially without an Illustrative art background. Having a lot of ideas from the original game helps a ton no doubt, and made for some quick first drafts of rules, turn by turn, game mat / board ideas, and general gameplay. They will ALL be revisited many times throughout this process but I wanted to get some base structure in place so I know how and where to build the gameplay flow from a players perspective since that’s what this is all about.

Making changes to Designer Genes the Game

Designer Genes MoneyChanges? Of course. Those “Case Study” descriptors must become Cards. That’s just the logical step for it and considering Magic didn’t come out until 1993 the idea was nearly 10 years before it’s time. It just was presented in a way that he had available back then, a simple IBM Typewriter to flesh out the DNA Strand and the Description. The original game only had 6-10 Case Studies and so far, I’ve created roughly 80 more (by genres) to be able to bring into the game from the onset and as it progresses. Once I get going in the creative process, I just keep hammering the pedal to the metal until I feel tapped out for that session. Be it a 15-minute naming phase or a 3-hour statistic and Mutation discovery session. Just going with the flow. Not that it’s all laid out on the computer it’s a lot easier to work on, visualize, etc. opposed to a box of 30-year-old cardboard and paper.

I used the pic for todays Featured Image from what was also the use of what’s known as “counters” by today’s gaming standards. He was 100% not into RPG/DnD/etc. so it’s cool to see how someone just creating on their own accord will come to a similar result. The game company never had an issue with the subject matter or theme of Designer Genes the Game, they LOVED that part which is why that is the main part to be carried on. It was the pace that bothered them. I think already I have cured that issue in spades. We’ve gone from essentially a game of copycat with 2-4 players go around a 2-game board set collecting baubles to build the same DNA Strand; to a game where building those GenePool points does not take an hour it can be in 1-3 rounds and then you are immersed in a new aspect of gameplay previously done in a more tongue and cheek Leisure Suit Larry kind of way.

There are many parts of the original game that will be ingrained into the fabric of the 2.0 idea of Designer Genes the Game. Not to mention the entire theme of it all! Cash/Action cards have been renamed to Consequence cards and will provide a cool gameplay aspect. There will be Mutations (we’re talking GENETICS here people, mutations are necessary!), both close and ranged combat, among other things. The board game part itself? Gone. Replaced by a game mat that is not required for play. It will be fully documented to play anywhere on any surface of course, but I hope to produce some awesome artwork related to the whole theme for people who want the extra stuff. We’re also keeping some of the smaller details like continuing the game using 2d6, counters, and needing Genes for creation.

Regardless, the process has begun, and changes are being made constantly to Designer Genes. Eventually I’ll have to think more about the visual aspect of the game. I’ve got it rolled out on the red carpet in my minds eye so we will see just how I’m able to transition that to a workable part of the project. For now, the game plan is to build the game itself, baby steps!

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Founder of Clean Marketing™ to help business owners strategize their marketing with trust and transparency, CMO of Unlock the Game, father, husband, rock-n-roller, Knicks fan.
Designer Genes: Changes, changes, changes.. 1
Founder of Clean Marketing™ to help business owners strategize their marketing with trust and transparency, CMO of Unlock the Game, father, husband, rock-n-roller, Knicks fan.
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