Designer Genes – The Game

20+ years ago my Dad designed a board game.

Technology being what it was back then made it a task that eventually he lost interest in. Starting his own business I’m sure played a part but recently we FOUND the original game in the garage while cleaning things out. One of my goals is to update and rebuild his game.

You have to understand, this was before internet. Before home computers and word processing. It was typed as one offs and then eventually died in the garage. Game pieces made out of beads, holders made with simple balsa and wire construction.

Archiving Designer Genes

My first task is to photograph EVERYTHING. I want a collection of the games history before anything else happens. Once that is completed the pain staking task of typing all of the manuals, game cards, rules, etc. into the computer begins. Photoshop/Illustration to recreate game cards, design an actual logo (back in the day people used rub off stencils for lettering.. no joke!!), and get a base point to work from.

The game has a lot of interesting components and after being provided a modern flair and update I will put it up on Kickstarter to help finish the visualization of the game into a physical product for people to play. It’s not an RPG, it’s not a serious board game. It’s something in-between. You do build your avatar/character to a degree but it’s all disposable and set to the game at hand. Expansion packs will be available to bring in all kinds of other variables and characters to the game.

For now, it’s just words in the ether that is the internet for my friends. Soon I’ll have the pics up, and continue onward. If you’re interested in games, board games, rpgs, etc. this might end up of being interest to you.

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