Razor DXT Drift Trike Action By The Water

Steve… What do you do on the weekends? Well… I ride a Razor DXT Drift Trike down by the water with the fam while blasting rock and roll from a Bluetooth speaker dangling off my handlebars like everybody else. Wind in your hair, summer heat, the non-stop click of the freewheel coasting after some righteous… Continue reading Razor DXT Drift Trike Action By The Water

Unlimited Books

In honor of National Read Across America Day I thought I would tell you a little story. Click on the link above to check out the NEA (National Education Association) website for more details and suggested readings. The ‘Unlimited Books’ Rule I’m certainly not the ‘rules guy’ in the house, or in life. But even… Continue reading Unlimited Books

It’s Robot Fighting Time!

When your 8yo starts watching BattleBots and it opens up the world of robot building. Good times!

Puppet Supplies in the Wild

Finding, or should I say hunting, for puppet supplies has always been a challenge. One of the coolest things over the past decade has been the meteoric rise of the cosplay community. It has unknowingly made puppet supplies so much easier to obtain. Not to mention a lot of new materials now at our disposal.… Continue reading Puppet Supplies in the Wild

The puppets are returning…

I’ve said this before. In fact… after stopping most of my puppetry work in 2012-2013 after having my daughter I have said this every couple of years since. The puppets are returning… First, I decided to make a “Puppet-centric Dad Blog” without realizing the 1 small factor that I really hate the idea of being… Continue reading The puppets are returning…

Starting in Puppetry

It all began around 2004-2005, give or take a few months. Honestly I never put a pin down on the exact date when I was starting in puppetry, maybe I needed to mark my calendar and celebrate it as an anniversary. In the middle of the night surfing the internet like we all did back… Continue reading Starting in Puppetry

4 Foam Fingers – Stevens Puppets

Weird when we share names, but Stevens Puppets is a great, one-of-a-kind puppet group with an amazing story that is 100% theirs to tell. Let’s jump right into Stevens Puppets   1 – Where did you get your start in Puppetry? Was there a moment where you knew puppets would consume your life?   We… Continue reading 4 Foam Fingers – Stevens Puppets

4 Foam Fingers – Grey Seal Puppets

For those that don’t know. Grey Seal Puppets has been a part of the Holy Grail of amateur puppet builders with their widely acclaimed book “The Foam Book” which delves into a huge variety of puppetry. I’m beyond honored that Drew, someone whom I consider an inspiration for my own love and learning of puppetry… Continue reading 4 Foam Fingers – Grey Seal Puppets

4 Foam Fingers – Starship Sassafrass

Chris and Starship Sassafrass is an amazing story. So glad to have him here on 4 Foam Fingers. Chris is a true student of the puppetry arts and his passion and drive are absolutely awesome. If we can all have 1/10th of his motivation and drive the world would be a better place. So strap… Continue reading 4 Foam Fingers – Starship Sassafrass

4 Foam Fingers – Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers

We are happy to welcome Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers to the 4 Foam Fingers series. You will quickly realize from the replies to the series below they understand very well that the “magic” of puppetry often times comes from your own life experiences and influences. This may be one of my favorite stories of the series,… Continue reading 4 Foam Fingers – Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers

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