Razor DXT Drift Trike Action By The Water

Steve… What do you do on the weekends? Well… I ride a Razor DXT Drift Trike down by the water with the fam while blasting rock and roll from a Bluetooth speaker dangling off my handlebars like everybody else. Wind in your hair, summer heat, the non-stop click of the freewheel coasting after some righteous… Continue reading Razor DXT Drift Trike Action By The Water

Unlimited Books

In honor of National Read Across America Day I thought I would tell you a little story. Click on the link above to check out the NEA (National Education Association) website for more details and suggested readings. The ‘Unlimited Books’ Rule I’m certainly not the ‘rules guy’ in the house, or in life. But even… Continue reading Unlimited Books

It’s Robot Fighting Time!

When your 8yo starts watching BattleBots and it opens up the world of robot building. Good times!

Energy For Positive Change

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