Podcast Host or Podcast Guest?

Podcasting has EXPLODED in growth the last few years. It’s been around since the 80s (known as “audioblogging” back in the day) but in the past few years has really gone mainstream.

Add in COVID and the Zoomsanity that followed it we also have that muddled line of Podcast/Vodcast where it’s an interview done via Zoom and then edited and put online… or sometimes livestreamed like what we do with Stump The Guru.

Are you a Podcast Host?

That’s the first question. Do you want to “have a show” and everything that comes with it? First glance it sounds simple enough. Grab a mic, throw open a zoom room… and record. Voila, you’re a podcast host!

Don’t be fooled though, there is a LOT more behind the scenes to run a show, and have it successful.

Building Your Podcast

Here’s a few simple things to know you will have to do as a podcast host:

  • All of the initial branding / mission statements / website / social media accounts / etc..
  • Quality equipment to record your show
  • Plan out each shows theme and purpose
  • Find guests for each episode
  • Manage guests, pre-show interviews, sometimes post-show interviews or continued relationship building
  • Build a “space” where you host your show, virtual or in-person
  • Record the shows
  • Edit the shows
  • Build a social media plan and implement it… per show
  • Give guests a way to promote each episode they’re on

There is a ton more. That’s just the tip of the iceberg to get a basic idea of, “Do I want to get this deep into the rabbit hole of having my own show?”

It’s resource intensive. If you can’t write, do your own graphics, record and edit, and then build out the promotional sequence it’s going to cost you money. The more you need done for you besides just being the host, the higher the bill. Accept that now and decide what your per episode budget is going to be so you can see how much of the work you can send to someone else and lighten your load.

There ARE benefits to having your own show. Name and brand recognition is one of the biggest benefits but you also get the ability to reach out to your target audience and speak to them in a way that you are building trust.

That’s a huge advantage and also the selling point for 99% of the “podcast services” companies that have now popped up to help business owners have their own show with minimal effort (and maximum cost).

Is being a Podcast Host the right choice for you? Hell, you need to make that decision for yourself.

Are you a Podcast Guest?

Maybe you just read above and said to yourself, “Holy shit Steve I never realized how much goes into making a show. I’m out!” and guess what? You are not alone.

For many it is a matter of not having the time, resources, or extra funding to make it happen. All acceptable reasons. For others it’s more about not wanting to have to do all of that IP work in planning out shows and the entire “building a show” process which can be extremely daunting.

podcast on air

Instead.. Become a Podcast SuperGuest

What is a Podcast SuperGuest?

It’s simple. You take your genius and share it with all of the shows out there. Guess what? There are so many shows desperately seeking QUALITY GUESTS that if you put just a little bit of effort into planning this out for yourself you can rinse and repeat your singular message and main point of conversation on 100 shows.

100x the promotion
100x the social media callouts
100x less work for you

You can stop struggling to build authority by being the focal point of your own universe.. and instead… be the shining superstar in someone elses.

Tell an amazing story, share a slice of your messaging, make someone elses show the episode of the f’n year!

Podcast SuperGuests need a few things...

If you thought “Great Steve I can kick back and just tell people I’m available.” guess what? That’s not enough.

You need to become that incredible guest people want to line up to chat with. To get there you need a few things.

First, you need a media-bookings page. The intent of this page is to FEATURE you as the amazing guest you are. Talk about your strengths, your story, and what you bring to the table as a guest.

Include some killer pictures / headshots, tell folks your social media reach (including lists), and really make it so when people see this page… they want you on their show. Also make sure to have a few episodes up of your greatest hits for people to see. You may not have that first.. and that is totally cool don’t worry. You add that to the page once you get a few under your belt.

Second, you need to setup a profile on PodMatch and start connecting with show hosts and let them know you exist and can be of value to their show.

It will take time. Don’t expect shows throwing themselves at you overnight. It’s a process. From making initial connections, the courtship of being a new guest, waiting to record the show and getting on their schedule, and then finally they have to edit their show / schedule a release date / and promote it.

Being an active guest is a help. They will check out your LinkedIn and other profiles so if you build a history of promoting every show you are on it will attract more and more peopl eto your universe.

From here the decision is yours. I get a lot deeper into this with clients including building out amazing and well thought out profiles on services like Podmatch, Podbooker, among others.

Knowing what you now know the decision should be a lot easier.

Do I want to be the source/host for other amazing people.


Do I want to be the amazing guest for other peoples shows.

…and THAT decision is yours and yours alone to make. Good luck!

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Founder of Clean Marketing™ to help business owners strategize their marketing with trust and transparency, CMO of Unlock the Game, father, husband, rock-n-roller, Knicks fan.
Podcast Host or Podcast Guest? 1
Founder of Clean Marketing™ to help business owners strategize their marketing with trust and transparency, CMO of Unlock the Game, father, husband, rock-n-roller, Knicks fan.
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