Razor DXT Drift Trike Action By The Water

Razor DXT Drift Trike

Steve… What do you do on the weekends?

Well… I ride a Razor DXT Drift Trike down by the water with the fam while blasting rock and roll from a Bluetooth speaker dangling off my handlebars like everybody else.

Wind in your hair, summer heat, the non-stop click of the freewheel coasting after some righteous power-pedaling… that’s how I unwind.

No regrets and no F’s given. A few stopped me asking questions, one guy asked to take pics because “it reminded me of being a kid” and funny enough everyone said to me… “You’re too young to remember Big Wheels.”

HAH.. 70s kid here and I rocked the big wheels with the best and hell.. I might have been older than a couple of them, who knows, I didn’t ask.

When it’s time to unwind. DO YOU.

For me it’s the 3 F’s. Fun, Freedom, Family.

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