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4 Foam Fingers – Stevens Puppets

Weird when we share names, but Stevens Puppets is a great, one-of-a-kind puppet group with an amazing story that is 100% theirs to tell. Let’s jump right into Stevens Puppets   1 – Where did you get your start in Puppetry? Was there a moment where you knew puppets would consume your life?   We […]Read More

4 Foam Fingers – Grey Seal Puppets

For those that don’t know. Grey Seal Puppets has been a part of the Holy Grail of amateur puppet builders with their widely acclaimed book “The Foam Book” which delves into a huge variety of puppetry. I’m beyond honored that Drew, someone whom I consider an inspiration for my own love and learning of puppetry […]Read More

4 Foam Fingers – Starship Sassafrass

Chris and Starship Sassafrass is an amazing story. So glad to have him here on 4 Foam Fingers. Chris is a true student of the puppetry arts and his passion and drive are absolutely awesome. If we can all have 1/10th of his motivation and drive the world would be a better place. So strap […]Read More

4 Foam Fingers – Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers

We are happy to welcome Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers to the 4 Foam Fingers series. You will quickly realize from the replies to the series below they understand very well that the “magic” of puppetry often times comes from your own life experiences and influences. This may be one of my favorite stories of the series, […]Read More

4 Foam Fingers – Catherine Hicks of Pixar

Up next on 4 Foam Fingers is Catherine Hicks. She’s a Pixar animator who has worked on some blockbusters like ‘The Good Dinosaur‘ and has an undying passion for puppetry. Take a few moments to learn more about Catherine Hicks and her work here in the Q&A below. You can find all of our interviews […]Read More

4 Foam Fingers – Richard Mansfield of Mansfield Dark

This weeks edition is with Richard Mansfield of Mansfield Dark. He’s very much a kindred soul and have a similar approach. The weirdness that his first feature film is titled ‘Wolfskin’ and my first mascot is Wolfun? Totally coincidence and awesome at the same time. 1 – Where did you get your start in Puppetry? Was […]Read More

4 Foam Fingers – The Help Machine

Welcome to the second installment of 4 Foam Fingers. This week we’re with Fred Chong Rutherford of The Help Machine. Well, the answers are hopefully useful to you! I’m having a very slow go at getting my art out there, now that I’m focused on the puppets, but I’ll get there! What is The Help […]Read More

Puppets By Gwen – 4 Foam Fingers First Interview

Our first 4 Foam Fingers Interview is with Gwen Dean from Puppets By Gwen. You may know her from that awesome GoDaddy Superbowl puppet commercial (aka the ‘I Quit Super Bowl Ad’)where she quit her job on live TV to follow her dreams! 1 – Where did you get your start in Puppetry? Was there […]Read More

4 Foam Fingers – First Group of Posts Releasing this

My move has consumed way more time and energy than one would have ever expected so I sat on this a little longer than I probably wanted too or anticipated. That being said, the first 5 editions of 4 Foam Fingers are set to release every week starting TOMORROW with GoDaddy Superbowl Commercial winner Puppets […]Read More