Unlimited Books

Unlimited Books

In honor of National Read Across America Day I thought I would tell you a little story.

Click on the link above to check out the NEA (National Education Association) website for more details and suggested readings.

The 'Unlimited Books' Rule

I’m certainly not the ‘rules guy’ in the house, or in life. But even for me there must be a time when a rule is put into place.

We call it the Unlimited Books rule, and it kicks ass.

The goal of the rule is to inspire our daughter to read as much as she wants, anything she wants. No exceptions. With COVID being an issue the library has been a hard pass this year and we’ve been using that Barnes & Noble membership a LOT!


The rule works like this:

Any time the kid finishes a book, if she wants to try something new or add another book to her collection, she simply has to ask.

Depending on the day, where we are going, etc. it’s either a quick order on Amazon or a quick stroll into B&N to pickup the book in question.

That’s the Unlimited Books rule. Simple, right?


Reading is the cornerstone of a child’s education. You need it for everything.

When she was in kindergarten the reading obsession began. I even went to her class one day and read ‘Goodnight Batman’ to the kids which was a ton of fun for me to entertain them.

It had a secret mission. To get her to LOVE reading. My wife has also spent years reading with her before bed. Every. Single. Night. No exception. That has reinforced her love for reading 10x over when it is something she can share with us.

It’s easy for everyone to say “Oh yeah I tell my kids to read.” But to put in the actual work is years in the making to really light that fire and turn that spark into a blaze of reading.

Have you done everything it takes to get your children to love reading?

If not, try the Unlimited Books rule and tell me how it goes.

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