Zibble For President

One of my puppet creations made headlines during the 2016 Presidential Election and it was all my own fault. I registered a puppet to run for office because let’s be honest, aren’t most politicians puppets anyways? 🙂

That didn’t sit well with political commentator Tom Brune of Newsday who took incredible exception to the notion of actually KNOWING whose hand is up the you-know-what of another.

Let’s keep it real folks, Tom Brune calling Zibble a joke is really a testament to his lack of proper journalism.

Who was he to determine if the first original puppet entry into the 2016 presidential campaign was a joke or not.

For the record… Zibble took this VERY SERIOUSLY and even had a website setup at the time to promote his Presidential bid to save the world. We went ALL-IN for our chance at glory and sadly fell short. I believe Zibble only secured a handful of write-in ballot votes upon Election Night 2016, but that’s ok. Any Vote For Zibble was a vote for freedom!

Zibble for President in Newsday
Zibble for President